tanah (tanah) wrote in bloomingtonudss,

zombie baby jokes

*i* needed a little cheering up...how 'bout you?

What's silver and red and waddles into walls?
A hungry zombie baby with forks in its eyes.

What's black and white and red all over?
A nun being devoured by zombie babies.

What's red and gray and splashes?
A zombie baby playing in a puddle of brains.

What's grosser than nailing a zombie baby to a post?
Watching it pull itself off and then try and eat you.

What's green, blue, red, and tastes funny?
A zombie baby eating a clown.

What's red and sits in a high chair?
A zombie baby eating a twitching, human foot.

What's cuter than a zombie baby?
A zombie baby with a bunny head in its mouth.

What's small, red, and can't turn around in a corridor?
A zombie baby impaled on a 7-foot iron spear.

check it out:  there's more!

also, is everyone aware that there's a zombie training camp (ZOMbat training) coming up in exactly one month?

should we get serious and become a full-fledged zombie squad?

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