A Fine Young Cannibal (altiii) wrote in bloomingtonudss,
A Fine Young Cannibal

Another tool to add to your Zombie Survival Kit

I was searching through the ol' garage and along with finding the trusty crowbar (a tool I still stand by as essential), I also found a folding shovel. This is great for many reasons:

*It's compact and lightweight. When folded it is just a little bigger than a portable CD player.

*Despite being light weight, it still weilds enough mass to be an excellent weapon against a zombie. In fact, if you have the means, a rotary grinder or at least a metal file, the blade can be sharped to ensure deadliness. The biggest drawback is the fact that it takes too much time to unfold it and screw the blade in place. But a swing perpindicular to the hinge movement can still prove effective.

*When dealing with the redead corpses of the undead, it is best to throw the bodies onto a bonfire and incinerate them in order to avoid reanimation and health risks such as infection. The shovel can be used to dig a hole for the ashes and also serve as a method of transfering the ashes from the fire to the hole (although, if possible, it'd be quicker and easier to use a full sized shovel. But you can't fit a full sized shovel in your back pack, now can you?"

*In desperate situations, it may be nessessary (sp) to dig under a fence or wall in order to get to safety.

*Digging and filling latrines, because no one wants to smell or see your dookie.

*They're pretty inexpensive and can be found in a camping supply store or an Army/Navy store.


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