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Zombie Games: Timesplitters- Future Perfect

I've decided to start a column series devoted to video games and zombies. This will be updated whenever I feel like it.
For the first column, I would like to present to you

Timesplitters is a first person shooter series developed by Rare, the same company responscible for Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. The game takes place...well, just about everywhere. It's a meta FPS that takes every genre of FPS you've played before, and shoves it into one game. In this game you play as Cortez, a time-traveling hero who seems to be a good doppleganger for Vin Diesel. For more detailed information of the game in full, please refer to your favorite game reviewing site or use google to find one. All I care to say is that this game rocks...hard...all night long.

Now lets get into the zombies. If you're looking for start to finish zombie blasting, either spend the entire game in multiplayer and give the bots zombie skins (or just choose the undead theme, the multiplayer options are extensive) or get another game. As this is a meta game, taking you to various locations and time periods, your zombie blasting is limited to one time period...the present and starts off in a giant mansion. But don't let me lead you to believe that this is a dissapointing undead blast fest, for every time period/level is huge and takes at least an hour to complete. The mansion is no exception. It starts off a little slow, just like every good zombie fiction should, with one or two zombies coming at you then a steady crescendo till your shooting zombies every time you turn a corner. Guess where you have to shoot them in order to rekill them. That's right the head, otherwise they just flop onto the floor (ragdoll physics baby!!) and get right back up. You start off with a trusty revolver, then gain access to a shotgun, a baseball bat, and a flamethrower. The Pistol is actually pretty handy, as it holds six shots before reloading. The shotgun requires less precision, but it's an old rusty doublebarrel and must be reloaded after two shots, which may prove inconveniet when a zombie is gnawing at your bald Vin Dieselly head. The baseball bat...well, it's nice if you want to be able to give the zombie a hug before you kill him, but it's best to keep them at a distance. The flamethrower isn't really intended for the zombies, but rather the spirits that occasionally fly out at you. You could use it on the zombies, but all it does is set them at fire. Then you have a flaming zombie gnawing at your bald Vin Dieselly head.

The time period starts in a mansion, but like most of the other time periods, it takes to numerous enviroments. You see, the mansion is actually housing a research facility where they create and test zombies (there are even a couple testing chambers with subjects inside...and you use the computer to adjust the conditions of the test subjects...before you send them to a painful death by explosion, firey combustion, or crush...-ation. And then as you progress through the time period, you are sent to an underground mine shaft filled with ghosts and and then you meet up with the boss of the level, which is a giant beast that seems to be a reference to Half-life...not entire sure though. After that...well I got stuck.

Anyways, if you want great game that lets you blast through several different enviroments, including a zombie ridden mansion, please check out Timesplitters: Future Perfect. It kicks arsenic.
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