A Fine Young Cannibal (altiii) wrote in bloomingtonudss,
A Fine Young Cannibal

Where should we meet: the brainstorming

When the dead rise, it'll be essential to be able to group up and find suitable shelter.
First thing I should introduce is the buddy system, I encourage to try to get in contact with other members of the community and try to find out who lives near you and who you can trust. This would be a good excuse for a little get together, I promise I'll try to ome up with something this summer. I recommend buddy groups of three. If one of the members is injured, it's easier for two people to carry them. Any more than three and you're complicating things. It would be helpful if One of these buddies has a house/apartment that is secure. this house should:
-have thick doors
-not have many windows and the windows should be small and easily boarded up or blocked with furniture.
-have enough food to be rationed among three people for at least a month.
-have radio/tv/internet access to keep up to date about the situation.
-allow offensive/defensive measures to be used. (i.e. have guns, an accessable roof to pick off shots, etc)
-be a quiet, somewhat soundproof house.
-be close enough to additional supplies: food, water
-have a reliable form of transportation in the garage/driveway with gas in the tank.
-have emergency tanks of gas if needed.

ok, so I'll post a follow up to this when I'm not so bored...
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